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Webflow is the home base for the edHUB. The website is built on the Webflow platform, and utilizes the flexible CMS to house it's digital resources. We also make use of Webflow Logic form the Resource Upvotes system.

  Google Drive

Google Drive serves as the file storage location for all Resources downloadable content including PDFs of Units, Lessons, and Activities, Slides, Videos, and more. All of this downloadable content is created and organized by the Jack.org team and linked up via the Webflow CMS to its respective Resource.

  Sweven.design Custom Solutions

In addition to the custom JS solutions from the Finsweet Attributes library, Sweven wrote many custom code solutions to achieve more complex UX functionalities. These include:

  • Dynamic multi-table of contents for Resources
  • localStorage and sessionStorage solutions for:
  • Custom loader animations
  • Resource upvotes
  • navigation memory
  • Resource download flow & memory
  • and Resource accordions
  • Print sections
  • Custom CMS setup for manual Multi-language
  • Various animations/interactions unsupported or made more difficult by native Webflow Interactions.
  • Various custom CSS solutions that can be found inside the organized and labeled embeds in the Global Styles Component (found at the top of every page in the Navigator for ease of access)

All code is found either in organized and labeled Components on-page accessible by the Navigator, in the Page Custom Code sections, or in the Global Custom Code.

  Finsweet Attributes & Cookie Consent

We make use of the following Attributes solutions from Finsweet as starting points for advanced navigation and functionalities throughout the edHUB experience. Documentation here:

  • Attributes API
  • CMS Combine
  • CMS Load
  • CMS Filter
  • CMS Sort
  • CMS Nest
  • CMS PrevNext
  • CMS Select
  • Combobox
  • Custom Form Select
  • Social Share
  • Query Param

We also make use of Finsweet's Cookie Consent solution for cookie consent and GDPR compliance. Documentation here


We make use of the automation platform Zapier to connect our Webflow Forms to various flows that send submitted user information to SalesForce. The SalesForce side of this integration is managed by the Jack.org team.

  Google Tag Manager

The Jack.org team houses all of their external integrations for analytics, marketing, etc. in Google Tag Manager for easier management. These integrations include Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.