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Resources to promote student mental health.
Resources to promote student mental health.
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What is the edHUB?

A library of free resources designed to help high school teachers bring mental health promotion education to the classroom.

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*The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The Educator Hub is a vetted collection of resources that bring Jack.org’s mental health promotion programming into the classroom. The Hub provides activities, lessons, and a unit plan that align with curriculum guidelines to support educators in meeting the mental health needs of their students.

Before You Teach

Guides to building a safer classroom

Teaching mental health can be challenging. Brush up on your knowledge and build your confidence with these helpful guides, designed to help you create a safer and more supportive classroom.

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Learn the essentials of mental health

Brush up on your mental health fundamentals before you bring that learning to your students.


Create safer classroom discussions

Check out our guide to protecting student wellbeing when discussing sensitive subject matter.


Language tips

Build a healthier conversation with our notes on choosing language that supports mental health.

What makes the edHUB right for educators?
What makes the edHUB right for educators?
No items found.
No items found.
No items found.

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As a teacher, this takes away a lot of the planning. It's got everything I need.

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I wish I was teaching Grade 9 Health this year!

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I could email my colleague with confidence [about this] reputable website.

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I think this [resource] is amazing, and I am so excited to have access to this.

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How do I find classroom resources?

Navigating the edHUB is simple, and there are multiple ways to browse and find resources.

1. Use the Quick Filters menu in the navigation to quickly see a pre-filtered list of resources. Helpful filters like resource type, topic, time to complete, and media formats are there to help you find what you're looking for quickly.

2. Use the Search function in the navigation to quickly search for Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, Activities, and Guides.

3. Use the Dropdown menus in the navigation to jump straight to a pre-filtered list of resources by type, browse the full Resource library, or find our Before You Teach Guides.

4. On the Resources page, use the full Resource Browser filters on the left to easily find your Resource.

How do I find the Resources Browser?

The quickest way to find the Resource Browser is click "All Resources" in the Resources navigation drop-down menu.

How do I filter and sort through the classroom resources?

On the Resource Browser, simply find and click a filter option in the Filters panel to see all the resources that fit that criteria. You can also use the search bar to do this.

To sort your resource results, simply click "Sort by" and choose an option.

How do I give feedback on the edHUB or on a particular resource?

To leave us feedback, visit the Feedback page or find the "Give Feedback" button located near the bottom of the page on each resource:

Once there, fill out the form to let us know what you think!

Tip: If you're giving feedback on a specific resource, be sure to select which one in the dropdown!

What web browsers are supported by this website?

This edHUB is built for modern browsers! 

All major browsers are supported including but not limited to all recent versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

*Internet Explorer has been discontinued by Microsoft, and is therefore not officially supported

Can I access resources offline?

Currently, the edHUB is an online-only resource that requires an internet connection to browse. However, you are free and invited to download needed resources for offline use from the individual resource pages!

Is this website compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies?

Yes, this website is accessible according to AODA and ADA standards. We seek to provide a digital experience that is accessible to everyone. If you find something that appears to fail to meet accessibility standards, please let us know by leaving us feedback.

How do I report a bug or problem with the website?

To report and issue, simply visit our Feedback page and let us know!

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Is there a mobile app available for this website?

Currently the edHUB is available only through modern browsers. However, this website is 100% mobile optimized, so you can get the same experience from your mobile device as you would from a laptop.

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Answers to common questions about navigating and using the edHUB.

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